DIY Christmas S’mores Kit


Dreaming of campfire s’morea? Complete with housemade peppermint marshmallows, gingerbread cookies and white chocolate melts. Create your own masterpiece this Christmas – in your oven! Each box contains 4 s’mores

What’s Included Method

4 peppermint marshmallows
4 white chocolate squares
8 gingerbread cookies
4 skewers

Open fire:
Place skewer through marshmallows
Carefully toast over open flame
Once marshmallow is firm but melted and toasted, layer with a white chocolate square between 2 gingerbread cookies. Enjoy!

On a sheet of baking paper, place a cookie and layer with a white chocolate square and marshmallow
Oven grill on low
Ensure marshmallow and gingerbread cookies are firm but melted. Top with second cookie and enjoy!