DIY Halloween Cupcakes


12 chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing, decorations for 6 Mummy cupcakes and 6 Graveyard cupcakes – BOO!

What’s Included Method

12 iced chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate soil mix
6 tombstone sugar cookies
Orange royal icing
Marshmallow fondant
Candy eyes
Mixed sprinkles

Bring chocolate cupcakes up to room temperature to soften the icing

Remove lid and heat chocolate soil container in microwave in 30 second intervals until butter has melted. Mix with a fork until soil consistency forms. Allow to cool

Using orange royal icing, pipe onto the sugar cookies and decorate with sprinkles. Set aside to allow icing to dry

Roll marshmallow fondant out and cut into long strips. Place onto 6 cupcakes to resemble a mummy and then apply eyes

Roll the top of your remaining 6 cupcakes into the soil. Poke gravestones into the cupcakes and decorate soil with mixed sprinkles

Chef’s tip
Snip the corners of the icing bag to make a piping bag. Use the skewer provided to help push and smooth out the icing