DIY Banana Split Kit


A delicious dessert kit – easy for kids to make. Includes no churn icecream, bananas and plenty of creative toppings – Serves 4

What’s Included Method

4 bananas
Dark chocolate sauce
Diced chocolate brownie (GF)
Crushed nuts
Mini marshmallows
Glazed cherries
Ice cream mix (condensed milk & cream)
Foil tray & lid

Place the ice-cream mix into a bowl and beat with a whisk until thick. Place into the foil tray provided and put into the freezer for at least 4 hours.

When ready to eat, split the banana in half lengthwise and decorate with your goodies.

Top with ice cream and enjoy!

Chef’s tip:
The ice cream is best consumed within 3 days of making to keep its smooth texture. Ice crystals may begin to form after this time.


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Annabel, Kew

"Hands down the best meal we have had in iso and so long! We all devoured it was absolutely delish. A big thank-you! "

Debra, Ripponlea

"Delicious, generous portions-especially when I have 3 males to feed. Black garlic chicken a favourite. Meals tastefully packaged. Instructions very easy to follow. Price is also very reasonable!"

Kate, Balaclava

"The home meals have been fantastic and something I will continue to order. As a working mother of 4 the delicious, nutritious meals are a lifesaver."