Events FAQ

That really depends on how long your event is for. Some rough guides below;

  • Cocktail Food – 1-2 hours 4-6 canapes per person
  • Cocktail Food – 2 hour event 6-8 canapes per person
  • Cocktail Food – 3 hours 8-10 canapes plus a bowl dish or something more substantial
  • Cocktail Food – 4-5 hours 8-10 canapes plus bowl dish or something more substantial

Our canapés are 1-2 bites, supper items are 3-4 bites and designed to more often be eaten later at night (we call them soakers!) and our fork and walk dishes are rice bowl sized and designed to eat with a fork while standing.

Absolutely, we do require advance notice for complex dietary requirements and all of our menus have options for vegetarians and those that are gluten free.

A little bit old school – this is where we place chicken or beef alternating by guest as we place the meals on the table.

Feasting or shared platters is a collection of mains and sides served down the middle of the table for the party to enjoy. Urban Foodies offers sit down feasting options, BBQ style feasting and picnic options for your next event. More relaxed than a formal 3 course meal with all the delicious trimmings.


A beautifully styled grazing table or buffet style table is the perfect addition to any party. We love natives and fun colours, cheese boards and finger food, lavish salads a delicious roasts. Our full menu is available online or let’s chat about your perfect party.

How hard do your friends like to party? Our events coordinators can help you plan for any situation. We’ve never run out mid party and we love creating innovative and creative drinks lists for our clients. Cocktails on arrival? Yes please!

We allow for 2-4 glasses per person depending on the duration of your event. Urban Foodies offers glassware hire should you require it.

Our sit down menus are served on dinner plates, so you will need a dinner plate per person per course as well as cutlery required for each course as well. Urban Foodies has hire available should you need extra for your event.

Usually 1-1.5 hours prior to an event depending on the size and type of event. We ice down all your drinks, set the bar, get the food ready and make sure everything is looking fab by the time your guests arrive.

Of course! They will leave your home, office kitchen or event space in perfect condition – maybe even better than they found it.

Cancellation, or decrease in numbers of an event confirmed verbally or in writing by the client within 72 business hours of the commencement of function will incur a 100% charge of food costs.
Cancellation of an event confirmed verbally or in writing by the client within 48 business hours of the commencement of the event set up, will incur 100% charge of the total event costs.
Urban Foodies takes no responsibility for acts of nature, such as weather, which may result in the cancellation or disruption of an event and all cancellations charges apply.

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