5 Benefits Of Team Cooking

Cooking is one of those essential life skills. We may not enjoy doing it every single night, and some are definitely better at it than others, but it’s a skill we all need to master. At least to a degree! So, what could be better than getting the team together to learn this essential skill, while also enjoying a bit of team bonding in the process.

If you have you been wondering whether it’s worthwhile getting the team together for a cooking fiesta, then this article is for you. It’s been going around in your head for weeks… the clanging of pots and pans, the aroma of spices, the delicious tastes. What could be better than having a good laugh together before sitting down to a meal you all cooked?

The answer: not much.

There are so many benefits that come from engaging in a team cooking class.

Here are our top 5:

One: Increased problem-solving abilities

Cooking isn’t always easy! Measuring ingredients, substituting ingredients, burning hot plates to sidestep… things can get heated (excuse the pun!). But with this added pressure that comes from getting the team together to create a great meal, you learn how to cope with the mishaps along the way.

Run out of ingredients? Let’s work out a substitute.
Overcooked the meat? Let’s make a good sauce.

It’s about working out a plan B together as a team, and building those problem-solving skills in the process.

Two: Team Cohesion

Office places can be ripe with drama and chaos, especially when deadlines are due. Everyone has their role to play – some more senior than others – and this can factor into those office dynamics.

In the kitchen – it’s a level playing field. Titles are gone, age gaps are non-existent, and roles aren’t important. As a team, everyone has to find their place in the kitchen and work out how they can cook together.

One person on the stove, another chopping, one cleaning… it’s about creating a cohesive environment with everyone working together to a common goal. Great for breaking down those office barriers and bringing everyone to the same level.

Three: Encourage Creativity

Cooking is a great creative outlet. You can let your senses take over when it comes to mixing ingredients and creating the perfect tastes. Or you can put your plating skills into action to create a masterpiece too good to eat… well, almost.

The kitchen can create a relaxed environment for your team to open up in and stimulate their creative side. Unlike the workplace – which can often be more rigid – as people loosen up, they feel free to be themselves and the ideas will start to flow.

In fact, routine can be what is holding your team back. Breaking up their routine and throwing some fun into the mix, is a great way to shake them all up and help bring out their innovative side. They can think outside the box and do things differently. There is plenty of freedom. This is a side you want to come back with them into the office.

Four: Develop Skills

Worried some of your team might not be so keen on a cooking experience? Sell them on the new skills they will learn in the kitchen. These skills will follow them through all walks of life, impressing at home and in the workplace. Everyone loves a good cook!

But these aren’t the only skills they will learn in a cooking class. It can bring out the best in everyone. A member of your team may unleash some fabulous delegating skills that no-one knew existed prior. Another member might be great under pressure. These skills will follow into the corporate world – as long as you are all open to learning something new, anything is possible.

Five: Form New Friendships 

How much does everyone in the office really know about each other? Beyond the workplace that is. What talk tends to take over – as it should! But can you really get to know a person if you’ve only ever seen them in the office?

Team building cooking classes are a great chance for all members of your team to get to know each other well. You can share more personal conversations over a delicious meal and break down some of those social barriers that are in place. It will strengthen those office relationships and have everyone getting on even better at work.

Convinced yet? Of course, you are! It’s hard not to be when there are so many benefits to such a fun evening out. It’s time to don that Sombero of yours and book your team in for a team-building experience that can’t be matched. Hop on down to our Spanish Fiesta Class where you can learn to your own pintxos and test your skills with an authentic paella.

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