How To Celebrate Halloween In Melbourne This October

Why don’t mummies take time off…… They’re too afraid to unwind. 

Get Creative This Halloween!

With the kids asking about what this Halloween is going to look like this year the team at Urban Foodies has come up with a range of DIY kits to help stumped parents bring a bit of fun in these crazy times.   

Most of our team has small children, and having to explain to the kids why trick or treating is off this year hasn’t been the most fun for us and we’d imagine a lot of Melbourne parents. So we’ve created a couple of fun DIY kits to cheer up the kidlets and get everyone in the kitchen together. Trying to juggle everything during lockdown has been challenging for everyone, from zoom meetings with the kids in the back ground to feeling like there isn’t enough time to spend with the kids even though we’ve all been stuck together ALL the time. 

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Image: Urban Foodies Halloween Cupcake Kit

So we’ve come up with some kits to get the family in the kitchen together without having to run around and grab all of the ingredients first. Our DIY Halloween cupcake range comes boxed with 12 premade chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing and chocolate ‘dirt’ to decorate the top. Plus miniature tombstone cookies for on top or decorative mummy cupcake toppers. We’ll even send the googley eyes! Creepy stuff. 

If delicious and sweet cupcakes are not scary enough for you we’ve also got DIY Halloween Jack’o’Lantern kits. Where we send you the pumpkin, some spooky stencils to choose from, tealight candles for inside – and a couple of lolly bags for the scariest members of the households. 

In times like these we hope to bring a little bit of fun to the households of our Foodie friends. 

Pop your carved pumpkin out the front – give the neighbours pumpkin to talk about!

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