Top 4 Ways To Motivate Staff Back Into The Office

Top 4 Ways To Motivate People Back Into The Office

Things have certainly been different in the business world since the word ‘COVID’ became commonplace in Australia. No-one could have predicted just how things would change – and how fast they would change – in a matter of weeks. Back in March last year, we saw everyone working from home as social distancing was put in place and lockdown was enforced.

Since then, we have come to find our new normal – albeit with a few hiccups along the way (and a second lockdown, but let’s not get into that!). And here we are…a brand new year, and with it a brand new opportunity to welcome everyone back into the workplace to discover a new normal.

A Shift To Working From Home

It’s been a testing time for businesses with restrictions changing the way many operate. A year on and we are still working towards finding our new normal in this ever-changing environment. From mandatory masks to social distancing measures, things have certainly changed. Yet for many, it’s business as usual… with just a few changes in place.

During those lockdown months, working from home became a blessing in disguise for many. There are so many perks that come with zero commute, more downtime, and being able to roll out of bed and already be in ‘the office’. It certainly opened up the eyes of the business world through the recognition that work from home is possible for a number of different industries.

You can see why so many are eager to stay home for the long-term.

But, there are plenty of perks that come from being back in the office as well – and the New Year is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on this, and begin a COVID-safe return to work for your employees.

Getting Back To The Work Place

Renting out an office space isn’t cheap, no matter where you’re located in Melbourne. You don’t want to be leaving that office space empty, which means it’s time to fill it up again. Yet, how are you meant to convince your employees to make their way back in, when they’re set up and used to working from home? It’s become a convenience that many won’t be ready to give up.

This is an added challenge for many workplaces, but it’s one you can work around with a little patience and understanding.

This global pandemic has had a huge effect on many, causing increased anxiety and added pressure for both businesses and individuals. Acknowledge how your staff are feeling and be understanding of their newfound comfort. With just a few tricks up your sleeve, you can set some measures in place to incentivise them back into the office.

Here’s how! Check out these top 4 ways to motivate people into the office.

1. No more Zoom meetings:

While this has been a great tool to keep in contact, it’s time to remind your employees just how handy it is being able to talk face to face in an office setting. No more worrying about kids in the background, or forgetting to turn the camera off when you walk away. No more awkwardly talking over the top of each other. In fact, if you have a question, simply stand up and walk over to that person to have it answered then and there. Back to how simple things once used to be.

2. Feed them!

What’s the one downside to being at home? You can’t pop out for a quick coffee (especially not during lockdown). And walking out to an empty fridge every lunchtime can also take its toll. You can win your team back with the promise of food. Even better, the food options at Urban Foodies cater to the COVID-friendly workplace.

We offer safe, individual lunch boxes – and cover the fancy diets, too. From Gluten-free to healthy options, or a box packed full of Vitamin C (no more colds in the office!), there are so many different choices to suit everyone. What better way to entice the entire team back in than organising a team welcome back Breakfasts or a Morning / Afternoon Tea.

Image: Urban Foodies Individual Lunch Box

3. Give them the odd work-from-home day.

We now know that it works, so what’s the harm in taking it every now and then? If your employees need a day here and there to work from home and not come into the office – let them. It’s all about creating that balance and working out what the new normal is for your workplace. And that’s going to look different for everyone.

4. Reinstate office drinks:

Within the first week, you’ll see everyone back in on the Friday! It’s great for team morale and bonding, which will strengthen your workplace. Many of your employees won’t realise how much they’ve missed it until they get back out there again. Coax them all in with the first round on you and sell up the perks that come from being a team again and going out in person.

It has certainly been a tough year to navigate, both personally and professionally. It’s about finding where your business and employees fit into the new normal and working out the perfect balance to suit everyone.

Image: Urban Foodies Friday Drinks

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