How To Organise An Outdoor Event In Melbourne

It’s looking like this year will be the season for outdoor events! So if you’re sitting at home thinking, where do I even start? Don’t worry – we’ve got a few useful tips up our sleeves. 

1. Pick Your Spot

1. Pick Your Spot

1. Pick Your Spot

Pick your park. A lot of parks will let you reserve an area or rotunda through local council bookings. This is really the best first step. Your permit will also give you an idea of the parameters you have to work with. Useful things to ask while your booking might be: Can I have a marquee? Are there BBQ’s available? What are the time limits? Can we bring any hire furniture in?

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2. Amazing Picnic Food… No Boring Bits

Once the park is booked it’s time to think about the fun stuff. The menu! There are plenty of options for a more casual event. Like individually boxed grazing platters, shared lunchboxes with wine, canape boxes or something fun like banh mi and pots of crunchy Vietnamese salads! For a more formal event you might want to look at bespoke picnic hampers, a grazing setup with tables, a bbq menu with a chef on site or even a fully staffed canape party in the park! We have helped with all kinds of setups in the past, from picnic rugs and cushions with baskets laid out on arrival to a fully kitted bar and the champagne on ice. 

Image: Urban Foodies Picnic Box

3. Don’t Forget The Bubbles

Thirdly. What is everyone going to drink? This year we’ve seen a trend towards a more fun take on party drinks.  From plastic cups with margarita slushies to pimms jugs, anything is possible! You might like to think about ice buckets full of delicious local Vic beers ready to go, wines chilled and reds on the picnic table. We love having fun with beverage and tailoring a drinks list that’s perfect for our clients. 

4. It’s All In The Detail

The art is in the detail. Where will people sit to chat, how can you personalise the finishing touches to make your guests feel special at the end of a crazy year. The great thing about dining al fresco is there’s space, so think about some games. Bocce, giant jenga, croquet? Something that gets the team interacting and having a laugh together. We’ve seen clients hire jumping castles and outdoor performers. Have some fun with it. You deserve it. 

Hopefully these tips are useful for those thinking about hosting outside this year. If you need more ideas – get in touch. Our event co-ordinators are always happy to help bring the party. 

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